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Sizing Guidelines and Charts

How to measure your dog for the perfect fit?

We believe in style and functionality. To give the perfect fit and experience for you and your dog, start by measuring your dog's back length followed by the chest girth. Pick the closest combination of measurements to your dog's unique shape. When in doubt, please choose the larger size. 

Search for brand and style for its corresponding sizing chart. 

Sizing Chart_GF PET 


Unlike other coats, the Elasto-fit® design is made to hug your dog. Please, expect a snug fit for extra warmth, as the elastics follow your dog's movements and expand for security and comfort.  

GF Pet Jackets, Coats and Sweaters 

Sizing Chart_Coats Sweaters Jackets Parka_GF PET-


GF Pet Elasto-fit® Boots


GF Pet Booties



GF Pet Blanket Jacket 

Sizing Chart_Blanket Jacket_GF PET-


Brave Bark Jackets, Coats and Sweaters 

Sizing Chart Brave Bark — Coats, Jackets and Sweaters