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Should Dogs Wear Raincoats?

Spring is the rainiest season of the year, but all fur baby owners know, walks are necessary, rain or shine! While we may be equipped with umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots, what about our best friend(s)? Here at Brave Bark, we like to keep our pets dry and comfortable. We're all for protecting them in the rain!

Our raincoats will not only protect your dog's back from the rain but also areas such as their precious belly. The wet and muddy splashes of water coming up from the ground when they walk can irritate the skin in areas where there is not much fur. And if the dirty rainwater doesn't irritate on the walk, having to wipe dirt off their bodies after walks in those areas will. Our raincoats have your dog covered and you as well! And let's now take a moment to mentally appreciate in advance the significant reduction of that bacteria-infested wet dog smell in your home. Due to the protection that our raincoats offer, much less murky water will be able to attach itself to your dog.

Also, did you know that if dogs are exposed to wet or cold weather for too long, their respiratory tract may become inflamed, which may lead to pneumonia? The risk is more significant in both older and younger dogs, along with any whose immune system may be compromised. Best to be as safe as possible.

Our waterproof raincoats are not only designed to keep your dog's fur safe and dry but also keep them comfortable. The material used for the raincoats we sell is buttery soft. And have we told you about ELASTO-FIT® technology? Thanks to the patented technology, our raincoats have the flexibility to expand unlike other coats, no matter your dog's size or shape.

When Do Dogs Need a Raincoat?

We say always, but what matters the most is the state of health, breed, and type of coat of your dog. In general, some dogs tend to get colder much quicker, especially when wet. To keep them warm, dry, and protected, we definitely recommend a raincoat.

Wondering how to identify the right type of raincoat for your dog? We thought you'd never ask. ;)

Here we go:

How To Choose a Raincoat For Your Dog

Here are two quick and easy tips for selecting the right type of raincoat for your best friend(s):

  1. Size Matters

When buying a raincoat, we want to make sure that you choose the correct size. Your four-legged friend must not be restricted in their freedom of movement by the raincoat. Thankfully, our ELASTO-FIT® technology raincoats are designed to have a snug fit to maximize coverage. The elastics follow your dog's movements and expand for security and comfort, allowing your dog to move naturally with no restrictions.

But to help you select the right size, to begin with, you'll want to make sure the garment doesn't press or cut into the stomach of your dog. To help you make sure of this before purchasing, we have a size chart available. To choose the right size, start by measuring the length of your little buddy. Ideally, the length should be calculated from the collar to the base of the tail. The chest circumference at the widest point should also be measured. Our sizes range from 2XS to 4XL. With the help of our size chart, we're confident you'll be able to find the right size to keep them warm, wrapped up, and relaxed.

  1. Material Matters

Dog sweaters made of wool or knitwear look nice and are comfortable and warm but do not protect against moisture. To make sure your dog stays dry, we offer waterproof PVA raincoats with a luxurious, water-resistant polyester interior. In fact, on less rainy days, you may reverse the coat. The water-resistant side of our coats is patterned to add a little fun to the mix. They're two coats in one! Why not match your dog's new raincoat to their personality? Designs included are camo, plaid, and many more. Style and functionally combined!

Another thing to consider is if the coat is easy to clean and if it dries quickly. The shell of our coats is 100% polyurethane with a lining that's 100% polyester. Two excellent materials that are easy to clean and quick to dry.

How do I get my dog used to a dog coat?

Now... if your dog has never worn a coat before, you may be wondering if they'll ever get used to it. Yes! Yes, they will. In fact, we've seen many dogs get excited when their Mom or Dad pulls their coat out for a walk. The coat begins to represent fun times, and we think your dog secretly knows it when you've picked something out for them to wear that matches their personality, their style. And not only will they get used to it … your life is going to be so much easier once you start using your new raincoat. It will be so much more manageable and less time-consuming to put on and take off one of our stylish raincoats as opposed to chasing after them to wipe down that last muddy paw.

Before leaving home, it works best if you put the raincoat on your dog inside before a long walk, i.e., in a safe and comfortable place for them. Leave your four-legged friend's raincoat on for a few minutes before leaving the house so that they can get used to it, and you're sure it's on comfortably. When it seems they feel comfortable in their raincoat, you may start the trip.

Overall, don't worry; your furry friend will quickly notice how much more pleasant it is to go for a walk with a coat on rainy days while you enjoy less maintenance when it comes to keeping your dog dry, clean, and comfortable.

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